Episode 24: Destiny – Part 1

Episode 24: Destiny
Episode 24: DestinyAs you may recall, we previously discussed Destiny when the beta came out during the Summer of 2014. Since that time the world of Destiny has exploded and the experience is unrecognizable from those early days. We’ve collectively sunk 300 hours into this game and we’re currently powering our way through the end-game content.

We’ve decided to revisit what has been one of the most contentious, yet amazing, modern games. In Part 1 (of 2) we give the general overview, mechanics, and commentary on the game as a whole. In the conclusion we’ll discuss the nitty gritty stuff, the community, and some of the other mechanics we didn’t get to yet.

This game is extremely satisfying but it’s also a hot mess. We’ve tried to keep our critique coherent. Come along with us on a journey through time and space and find out what we thought of Destiny!

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5 thoughts on “Episode 24: Destiny – Part 1

  1. I have not played Destiny even for a second, however Bungie certainly has a long track record of hiding lots of hidden meanings in their games. They are still making connections in Marathon like 100 years later. I think that is really awesome.

  2. My favorite part of all Bungie games is that there is a certain mini-game of exploration. The scarab gun in Halo 2 is my all time favorite easter egg

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