Episode 21: Year End Review

Episode 21: Year End Review

Episode 21: Year End ReviewWe’re still working on our Mass Effect retrospective but in the mean time we wanted to do a year end review of both the gaming industry in general but also the podcast specifically. This week’s episode is a little more self indulgent and list-based but I think we’ve made consistent cases all along as to why any specific game fits the chosen categories.

You will also hear a little bit about Space Engineers, a new game that Dan has been playing and has quickly become obsessed with. Its available through Steam and is currently in beta. In short: Minecraft in space.

In other news, Greg has picked up Destiny and, like so many others, has become obsessed and extremely conflicted with it. A proper Destiny episode will be put on the agenda. There is much to discuss.

Episode 22 will pick up with Alex from Agree or Die and will cover Mass Effect 2. Thanks for listening!

No video this week but we put the audio up on YouTube:

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